My Trip To Colombia by Sergio Velasco

Came To Colombia Because My Dad Is Ill

(June 8–22 2015)

My Story:

Saturday June 6, 2015 – At Night I spoke with my parents. Found out my Dad was still ill. He was at the hospital yesterday. He has been very depressed and unhappy. He is having issues with his lunges and his heart so he can’t breath very well. These types of news are never good to hear. I was very sad and didn’t know what to do. I sat down cried, prayed and started to ask GOD what should I do.

Sunday June 7, 2015 – I decided to make plans to visit Colombia and help my Dad get better. One big issue was we were not getting enough information on his health. My Mom does her best but she has her know health issues. So I decided to get a flight to Colombia and I found one for 10:30 am Monday morning. Another issue I had was leaving my kids. I enjoy spending time with them but I had to go help my parents. So I decided to get them together so I could explain my trip. I know they were sad that I was leaving but they understood that I love my Dad and had to do whatever it takes to help him get better.

Monday June 8, 2015 – This trip was going to be a surprise for my parents. I didn’t tell them I was coming so I asked a cousin of mine to please pick me up at the airport. When I arrived to my parent’s house it brought back so many memories. I got my IPhone and I started to record myself going into the house.

I went upstairs and I hear my Mom talking to someone. They had some visitors so I walked into the room. My Moms face was priceless. She was shocked and happy at the same time. My Dad was a bit lost and looked disorient. He was lying in the bed when I saw him and hasn’t shaved for days. I was very hurt to see him the way he was. He looked very sick and looked like he lost a lot of weight. We talked a bit but I let him rest. I spent some time with my Mom who was still so happy to see me. My Mom is great she was so happy. My Mom still gets very nervous and sometimes forgets things. I was very hurt to see him the way he was. He looked very sick and looked like he lost a lot of weight. We talked a bit but I let him rest. I spent some time with my Mom who was still so happy to see me. My Mom is great she was so happy. My Mom still gets very nervous and sometimes forgets things. After sometime I was able to get my Dad out of bed and to sit in a chair. It was difficult for him so I had to hook him up to his Apnea machine he was starting to use. It hasn’t been easy for him to use it because it blows too much air and he can’t handle it. Apnea is when someone stops breathing while sleeping and need oxygen during sleep time. My cousin William came to visit and read him some bible verses to remind him GOD is still in control. It was a very sad day for me to see my Dad this way.

colombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-002 colombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-003 colombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-004

Tuesday June 9, 2015 – My Dad had an appointment at 11:20 am with a pulmonologist. We had to start early to get Dad ready. He hasn’t taken a shower or shaved for days. So were having breakfast and he was saying there is no point to live like this. He feels like he can’t breath all the time. So taking a shower was horrible for him because it required him to talk to the bathroom that was next to his room. That is how bad it was for him and his health. I told him I would help him shower. So we put a chair in the shower so he can shower sitting down. I helped him out of bed and sat him down on the toilet sit. He had to rest there for about 5 minutes to catch his breath. Then helped him undressed andcolombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-005 sat him down in the chair inside the bathroom. I can hear him whimpering and like he was crying. He was frustrated. I can hear him upset and mad at himself. I was hurting inside because I didn’t know how to help him. I kept asking him if he was ok. After he showered he called me to help him get dressed while sitting on the toilet. It was a total shocked when I saw his body. He looked sick and his body was beat up. He looked like he wasn’t eating and lost lots of muscle and weight. He reminded me of when a person over weight loses weight quickly. He was so tried he couldn’t get dressed. I helped him with his underwear’s but he was tired. So I took him back to bed. I had to give him air from his Apnea machine. Apnea is when someone stops breathing while sleeping and need oxygen during sleep time. That was another issue he had to deal with. I helped him dress while he was in bed and comb his hair. He didn’t shave because it was just too much. After a bit I took him downstairs to wait for a taxi but he couldn’t stand so we sat in the downstairs bathroom.

Once the taxi came I had to help him to the taxi. I had my Mom stayed home so she could rest. He was too tried to speak much in the taxi. He looked beat up and looked like he kept falling a sleep during the taxi ride. Once we got to the clinic where he was getting an exam of his lunges. At the front door was a guard and she asked what are we here for. My Dad didn’t listen to her and just kept walking so he could sit in a step on the stairs. The guard looked at me like “What the hell” I told her he had an appointment and that he couldn’t breath so we were let in. We went upstairs by elevator and in the 3rd floor I found him a chair while I looked around to find where he had to go. Well it took about an hour so the doctor could see him. He just did a quick test like an ultrasound with gel and he took some pictures of his lunges. He said he has ” Pretension Plumular Severa “. Dad wasn’t doing so good. I ask doctor can you repeat so I can write it down. He was an ass because he got upset. I told him I am not good with Spanish so can he right it down. I was a bit nervous because of Dad. He wrote it on a piece of paper but he wrote like shit. I ask can I take a picture of what he wrote. He said no and took paper away. I was a bit mad but I can see Dad was not doing well. I asked him can he tell me what is going on. He said no I am only a lung doctor (pulmonologist). He said if he is not feeling well take him to the emergency room and I said where. He said it is next door. Go downstairs and ask front desk for help. I took Dad to a chair outside while I got the elevator. We went downstairs and I asked for a wheelchair and some help. They said we had to wait because doctor didn’t write his notes. I waited a bit and started to get upset. I found a nurse that got me a wheelchair and we waited. Finally I asked the nurse again for help so she said let me take you their and hope they will take him with no paper work. We walked about 1 block while pushing Dad in wheelchair. At the hospital emergency she talk to the front desk (the place was full). She said give the lady your details. We waited like a minute and someone called us (Thank GOD for this Nurse). They asked Dad what was the issue and then they moved us to a preparation room (don’t remember the room name). There he sat and got oxygen. I was asked to wait outside. We was there about maybe 2 hours and I would go in and check on him. Guards would always let me back in. Finally I heard someone call Dad’s name so I went to the doctor and told him what was going on. I told him I was Jose Velasco son and he was in another room. He said bring your Dad to me. I said he can’t you need to go to him. So finally he went and checked on him and said lets do some test on him? How can a hospital have an EKG machine that doesn’t work? Why don’t they have another one? Anyways after maybe 30 minutes of them playing with the machine. He said he needed to do some more test on him. He asked me to go get some paper work from the lung doctor where we were. So I ran to the other doctor and talked to front desk that sent me somewhere else. They didn’t understand what I needed and either did I. So I asked can I get some of his history. Maybe 30 minutes later he came back with some blood work he did before. So I ran to the hospital and looked for doctor. He said now go to the front desk and get a list of test (paper work) he needs to do. So I had to wait in line and this place was full. It took a while but I got paper work. So I took the paper work to a nurse to ask where to go. A big problem is he can’t move around and doesn’t want to try. I said ok I would get you a wheelchair. HOW HARD IS IT TO GET A WHEELCHAIR IN A HOSIPTAL. Now I am really upset because I ask and ask for a wheelchair and no ones know anything. I have to wait for someone to come with a wheelchair (this person has a name). I even found the doctor but didn’t help. Finally I found my own wheelchair (stole it) and took him for his blood work, EKG (again this machine didn’t work) and for an X-ray of his chest. For the X-rays I had to hold him up so he could stand. I could see his legs shaking (I wanted to cry). Once we finished I took him back to get oxygen while we waited for the results. Finally the doctor came and said he found some high numbers on these test so he will have him stay the night.


Now we were sent to an emergency room area I believe because it was full of people everywhere. I found him a chair in a corner of this small space and they gave him oxygen. Each little area is like the
size of Gio kitchen where they stick 4 to 6 people. So now we wait and wait and wait. He looked very tried and I just sat outside waiting in a different area. I would walk around and check on him. I would ask what is the plan or next steps but I get no real answers. I start noticing everyone has a paper work with there details stuck on the wall next to them. Some people have been here for a couple of days. It was just horrible just waiting and seeing him like this. I did get a bit happy to see that they gave him food and he started to eat. My Mom said he was not eating much. Now remember we have been here since maybe 1pm at the hospital. So I keep asking for when does he get moved to a room like I was told. They said I had to wait. Around 2am they got him a bed and we moved to another area with like 20 other people in beds. I was shocked and upset because he has to stay in hallway in a bed. After a bit I wanted him to sleep and rest because it was a long day. I had to find my own place to sleep so I can stay next to him so I found a chair (it sucked). He didn’t sleep much because he was uncomfortable and needed help. Another big issue is that he has a bad cough and he would need to spit. I found a bag that he would spit inside but this spit either mucus or something sticky spit. This spit he would have to take it out with his fingers or a napkin. It sucked badly. I did get some news with a doctor and she said they believed he had “Fibrosis in the Lunges”. I recorded her explaining what they thought was going on. That information helped me a bit with some peace. It was rough for me to sleep and there was nothing to do. It sucked and it was funny to hear so many people snoring at night. Finding food was not easy either. During my running around I found a burger place that had WIFI so I could contact everyone. I also called Mom to let her know what was happening. Below you can see in the picture would same an area we were in and other ill patients. Dad had a little chair while I stood around waiting. Today was a very long day.

colombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-006  colombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-008

Wednesday June 10, 2015 – Sleeping sucked and I was tried very tired because I didn’t sleep much. Yesterday was a long day and a frustrating day. Today would be another long day I can see. Dad would sleep, wake up for a bit and sleep again. He didn’t want to take a shower again or brush his teeth.
Today was like yesterday of coughing, spitting, doing nothing and getting comfortable to rest. The spit bag was disgusting. This hospital didn’t even have a pillow for anyone. I can see he was uncomfortable because he was in bed too long and his back was bothering him. Today they did do some exams on him. Another EKG and a TAC (scanning of his chest). That TAC was what we needed to know what was happening with his lungs. Waiting for results were awful. Finding help was difficult and getting a straight answer was worst. Dad would also need to pee so I would take off the oxygen tubes and help him to bathroom. Just walking to the bathroom was hard and he looked like he was going to fall. Once in the bathroom he would pee sitting down so he could rest and then rush back to bed. The doctors had shifts that made things worst to communicate. If a new doctor would come he or she would tell me they needed to read the notes to find out what was going on with his patients. This was pissing me off because that happened a lot so we would do nothing for hours. Lots of the doctors would just ignore me. Mom came to visit Dad and that made them both happy. I could see tears in Dad’s eyes. So another day I had to buy/find food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today was another long day.
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Thursday June 11, 2015 – After another long day with little sleep it was time to start the day. Dad was eating more then in the past. I helped him with his breakfast. After breakfast he took a nap but he had to get up a couple of times to spit. A new nurse came today and got Dad to go take a shower. It wasn’t easy to get him to shower because he know it is a lot of work and he gets very tried. I did have Mom bring me his pajamas and some extra clothes. He still had his clothes from Tuesday. Once he got in the shower I had him sit on a chair and it was difficult to watch him struggle. The nurse helped us finish his shower. I helped him dress and take him to his bed. There he rested and took at nap. His lunch came and he ate all his food. He was starting to eat more so that was a good sign. Mom came today to visit again so I could go home to shower and change clothes. I was very tried and I wasn’t paying much attention. I got a taxi to go back to the hospital. I must have told the taxi driver something else could he took me to another hospital far away. When I got out I noticed something was not right. I paid him and he left and then I realized I am at another hospital. So now I got nervous and said what do I do and where am I. I looked for another taxi and told him I needed to go to this hospital and I guess he noticed I was lost. Thank GOD he was a good guy. He talked with me like normal and was nice. I was really far because it took a bit to get to the hospital my Dad was at.


Once I was at the hospital I stayed with my Dad for a while asking what was the status on his results but I got no answers. Sandra contacted me and said she was staying at Jaime Mom’s house that was closed and across the street. She wanted me to go and sleep there for a couple of hours. Well you know Sandra so I went. I slept only 2 hours because I didn’t want to have Mom travel home late. Thanks to Tia Charo because she would come and take Mom home. When I got back at hospital Mom told me Martha was there and got some information about his results. The TAC exam came back and everything looked good. His issue was still Fibrosis in the Lungs. Also that Dad was getting transferred to another clinic that can help him better with his issue. That was good news so I waited and waited. The night came and nothing happened and I wasn’t getting any answers. We were not going anywhere today. So back to sleeping on a small chair and helping Dad get comfortable. Yes he was still having that nasty spiting issue. So another day I had to buy/find food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today was another long day.


Friday June 12, 2015 – Now it is getting rough because it has been4 days of the same thing. I am tried and very sleeping. I have been eating lots of junk (bread is not breakfast for me). I feel like I am getting sick because I have a sore throat. I went asking when are we moving and what is talking so long. They told me to be patient because they have a lot of people who need a ambulance. We need a ambulance to take my Dad to the clinic. Dad was able to eat breakfast and lunch again. Finally some lady came and told me to be ready because in like 20 minutes we would be leaving. I didn’t believe anything until I saw it. So I just sat down and we waited. My Mom showed up and I told her what they told me. She said she came with Charo so I went and told Tia she can go home because we would be transferred. That lady showed up maybe an hour later and told me I needed to get a release paper from the front. I was asking before and asked her can I get copies of his exam and was told yes. So I went to get the release and went to find the lady. I saw 2 girls there to get Dad in anew bed so we can go to the ambulance. So she told me give me the release paper and she will get them signed so we can leave. So now we are on our way outside to get inside the ambulance. That ambulance was no bigger then my van but at least we are leaving. Anyways there took Mom and I in the ambulance with Dad. The traffic was horrible and the ambulance would shake like crazy. I felt like I was in a roller coaster because I was getting dizzy. Below you can sleep my small chair I had to sleep in.

colombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-013 colombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-014 colombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-015

The new clinic was Clinica Santa Rosa de Lima. It was a small place and he got his bed and a bathroom. The room can hold 2 people but no second patient. We got Dad on his new bed and let him rest a bit. I went outside for a bit to relax and find somewhere with WIFI. Next door they had a Colombia restaurant and they had WIFI. I sat down and ate lunch and checked my messages to update everyone. I only ate some of my meal and saved the rest for Mom. The guard at the front wouldn’t let me bring food to the room. I can see that these people at this clinic were already going to be a pain. Mom and I didn’t eat together because we were waiting fo the new doctor. I left the food at the front so Mom can come eat outside. I told her go to the restaurant next door so she can eat. Of course Mom didn’t go next door and sat outside and ate. Then I had Claro come get Mom so she can go home and rest. Mom wanted to stay with Dad but I told her it would be too much for her. They only had a small chair that was damage when you sit on it. It worked but it sucked to sleep on it. Dad was looking better and was getting a bit more attention with different nurses giving him medicine or checking his vitals. Each day was getting harder to deal with and longer. We had a TV but it had only 1 good channel. So Dad and I got to watch something even it is sucked. I went to find me dinner because next door they closed at 5PM. Around 7PM I went to find a place to eat because they didn’t have a lot of places around here. I finally found a chicken placed and I saw a poster and told the lady I will have that. Well that is what I get for not sleeping much because I order a whole chicken, 6 potatoes and 4 arepas. I was like ‘Dam’ I messed up and starting eating as much as possible. Then I tell the lady look my friend never showed up. Can you give the rest of the food away don’t throw it away. She looked at me like I was crazy. Got back to the room and relaxed. I was also feeling bad today because my brother Ruben was being ordained as a full Pastor. It was a great moment because I know how hard he has worked for this. I just couldn’t get WIFI from our room so we didn’t see the event online. We finally went to sleep and hoped for a good night rest. One issue here is that they come and give Dad medicine of check up on him late so you couldn’t sleep long. Also Dad started to pee a lot so he needed help. I found him a peeing can; well I believe that is what it was. I put it next to his bed so he can get up and pee in the can. Then I would get up and empty it in the bathroom and clean it. Well Dad would pee maybe 3 or 4 times on this night. Today was another long day but at a better location for Dad so that was good.


Saturday June 13, 2015 – Sleeping on this broken new chair sucked and I was tried. The is short so my feet hang over. Dad would sit in his bed most of the time. I would tell him to sit up or walk around because I didn’t want him just lay in bed all day. He ate breakfast around 8AM so that was good because he was eating. I went looking for food and found a small place for breakfast. This place was like a bakery with lots of breads and pastries (that is not breakfast). Lucky they had eggs so I ask the girl can I get 4 eggs and she looked at me like I was crazy. She said 4? Yes 4 and can I get any bread and natural orange juice. I got back and we decide Dad needed to take a shower. It was rough to see him without his shirt because he looked very bad. I got back and relaxed with Dad until the doctor came and told us the same things. She asked if we had documents on the exams. I said no but shouldn’t you because we got transferred here? She said she only got some notes on his issue and spoke with a doctor. I told her they told me I would get them but that you would also get them. I never got them because we were rushed out of the hospital. She said he was ok and that we would need his medicine and oxygen. So she would get us paper work that we would need to go ahead and go get the oxygen tanks my Dad needs. This was great we can go home. She said today was Saturday and this weekend was a holiday so you might have to wait till Tuesday. What???? She left so she can check her other patients. Mom kept bothering me about I should go home and rest. So I went to eat lunch with Mom next door at the Colombia restaurant. I decided I do need a shower and clothes. I went to Mom and Dad house and I was catching up on some work. I have been gone a long time and needed to solve some issues at work remotely. Mom told me she had some pictures for me to take back home. I spent some time looking at old pictures of our family. It was a nice moment. I called Mom and told her I would stay the night here so I can rest and she can see it was not easy staying there. I tired to sleep but stayed working for a while. I was tried so I never went out to eat dinner. It was cold at Mom and Dad place so I know we need to get them a heater. I had an ok night sleep but I woke up more tried.

colombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-017 colombia-trip-sergio-dad-ill-023

Sunday June 14, 2015 – Got up early and got ready because I had to get a taxi to go back to the clinic and let mom go home. Sleeping is always getting harder but nothing I can do for now. Found breakfast around the corner and asked for my 4 eggs. Funny people think I am crazy with 4 eggs. I normally eat 6 to 8 eggs every morning. I got to the clinic and I noticed Mom didn’t have a good night sleep. One reason is because this chair sucked and the other is she has to get up to help Dad sometimes. I told her it was better for her to stay home. Anyways after a bit I had my Tia Charo to come pick up Mom to go home and rest. Today Colombia plays soccer so I am trying to get Dad to watch the game. The TV we had doesn’t have the channel to watch the game. Hoping to give him some energy and to get him out of bed. Dad ate his breakfast and is eating much better. Anyways I found out that they would have the game downstairs in the waiting area. So I asked if I could bring down my Dad. They said NO. I brought my laptop this time to the clinic because maybe I can get WIFI from next store and watch the game online. Well I tried but the WIFI was to weak so no soccer game. That sucked because it would get boring at the clinic and the only channel on TV sucked. I got Dad to take a shower today. This is always a challenge because he needs to slowly walk to bathroom and sit on toilet and rest. Then undress while I turn on the shower to warm water. Then he would move to a chair inside the shower so he can sit and wash himself. He breathes very hard during the showers. Then he gets out and back to the toilet sit and rest. I help him dry up and dress. Finally he rushes to the bed to rest for a while. Dad was looking better but I believe he was still a bit down. I would leave Dad to eat lunch and dinner. I didn’t have many options on what to eat. We ended up going to sleep early at 9:30PM.

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Monday June 15, 2015 – Today is a holiday so there is nothing to do. We couldn’t do anything. Dad could only go home if he has a portable oxygen tank and a tank at home. We have the doctor’s authorization paper work. Tomorrow we will have to go get everything so Dad can come home. That was the plan for tomorrow. I want to get out of this clinic A.S.A.P. Dad looked in good spirits because he asked me if I could shave him later in the day. He ate his breakfast and then took a nap. Now I go look for breakfast in the area. The issue is that there are not many placing to eat around here. Lucky if I go early to the bakery I can get some eggs again. Yes 6 eggs… “Please”. Martha called me during the morning and asked if they can take me out for lunch. I said ok but somewhere we can eat quickly because I didn’t want to leave Dad alone for too long. We went to a mall and ate at Waffle & Creeps place. During lunch I got a stomach ache and needed the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and SHIT NO TOILET PAPER! Lucky no one was in the bathroom at the moment and I checked other stalls. Found a NEWSPAPER! Enough said. I was so mad…. After lunch we walk around the mall a bit and I was able to get Dad oxygen tubes (short & long). We got back and Dad was just relaxing and watching TV. The rest of the night was the same and we didn’t do much. I only went out again to find food. We went to bed early again but I could sleep because I was exited we might be going home. Martha was coming at 8AM so we can rush to get the tanks for Dad and hoping now issues.


Tuesday June 16, 2015 – Ok we are up early hoping to go home. Dad wanted to take a shower early today. So we went through the same routine. Helping him to shower and then letting him rest. After his shower his breakfast arrived so he ate before he would rest. I weird note – Every night the nurse would tell him at night that they will give him a shower at 5AM. I would say WHY so early. They said that is the normal routine. That never happened. So I left with Martha to the place to get the tanks. Once we were there the lady said the authorization form was filled out wrong and she could give us the tanks. No way! So I pushed what can we do and Martha asked her for help and explained. She said we can get everything ready and we needed to go back and fix the form and then fax to her. If we did it quick then maybe we can get order out today for delivery or we have to waited till tomorrow. So we rushed back and talk to the people at the clinic about the issue. They fixed the problem so Martha went across the street and faxed the form. Martha called the company and confirmed they got the form. She said we should have deliver today. I called Mom and told her that the equipment was going to be delivered today (Thank GOD – I HOPE). She needed to learn how the equipment would be setup. Well Mom got nervous so I had to go home and leave dad so I can understand about equipment. Martha and I got breakfast and came to tell Dad the good news. I told Dad I have to leave but I will be back with a portable tank to go home. The tanks came late afternoon but Martha had to leave. So Mom and I got extra clothes for Dad and we rushed to go get Dad out of clinic. Of course at the clinic it was a delay to get the paper work ready to be released. Finally we were on our way home.

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Wednesday June 17, 2015 – Today was a good day because Dad was home. He was able to rest in his bed and watch his TV in peace. Mom was up early to make us breakfast so Dad and I ate. I was able to setup his tanks so he could move around the house with no issue. The main oxygen tank works with electricity and I attached like a 30-foot oxygen tube so he can walk to the bathroom or to his living room. He also has a backup tank that I setup so incase the power goes out in the house he can hook him self up to the backup tank. The portable tank is also setup ready for him if he needs to go out of the house. After breakfast I talked with Juan Pablo about setting up Mom and Dad with an emergency 24hr care company I heard about. He told me his mom has that care so he gave me the contact. I setup an appointment today so I can sign them up. After lunch the guy from Emermedia came bye and I signed up Dad and Mom his this service. So now they both know that if anyone of them feels ill with anything they can call the service and a doctor will come to wherever they are. They also have ambulance service for free. I setup the account so I can pay online from the US. I was very happy to have this service for Mom and Dad. We relaxed the afternoon and talked. Dad still would be sitting down and take a nap. I got bored so I went walking to look around the shops. Tonight was another soccer game but this time we were going to be able to watch Brazil vs Colombia. Everyone around was wearing there Colombia shirts to support their team. The game was good and we all watched the game together. Today was a good day…

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Thursday June 18, 2015 – Today was a simple and relax day. Dad would just relax in the living room and take his little naps on the sofa. We didn’t do much. Mom made us breakfast and we would eat together. I had Dad take a shower and he shaved. A shower is not an easy thing for Dad but it is something I tell him he needs to do. It will help him move more because his lungs need the work. Lunch and dinner are simple mostly soups for Dad so I would have to buy something. Mom is not used to cooking a lot. Yesterday mid afternoon was a bit scary because Dad said he was tired and wanted to sleep. Ok that’s not a big deal but it was to me because he normally takes small naps sitting (I just didn’t feel right). Well to keep it short. We had Mom’s sisters here talking and chatting. They are going through a lot of issues selling grandmas house so they can divide the money. Later in the day my aunt was praying with him. I went to check on him again and he didn’t look right. I started checking and I noticed that his oxygen was blowing very low so he was not enough. I believe that was making him weak because without the oxygen he doesn’t get enough blood flow to his heart. I thought the machine went bad. I didn’t tell him anything. So I switched him to his backup tank. I told him I wanted to show my aunt how to setup the tank. After a while checking I noticed the long oxygen tube I bought him so he can walk around the house had a crimp (a fold on it) so he wasn’t getting enough airflow from the machine to Dad. So I fixed the tube and restarted the machine. So I set him back up with the long tube again and after some time he got better and got out of bed. I told him what happened and he needs to be checking on the tube more often. After some time Ruben called and Dad was able to talk to him and I noticed how much more energy he had. It was a bit scary for me because I worried who will be here to look over them. Dad is in better spirits and has more faith that GOD is with him.

Friday June 19, 2015 – Today was another easy and relax day. Mom made us breakfast and I if I don’t eat when she makes the food she gets upset. They get up early so they eat early. Mom would ask me while I am sleeping if I am hungry. Dad normally eats in his living room and then just relaxes on the sofa. He has his moments when we feels tired and wants to lay down. During lunch Dad and I had a moment. We know how proud and quiet Dad is. Well while we were eating Mom’s food, which brought back memories, when I was little. Dad said something like “You don’t know how much I appreciate what you did for me”. You know how Dad doesn’t express himself to us much. I look up at him and I see him tear up and start eating again so he won’t cry. I took a deep breath and said Dad I will do anything for you. You have done so much for us and you worked so hard to give us everything. I want to tell you Thank You for everything you done for us. I love you very much and nothing in this world can change that. Please remember to have peace in your heart that you are a great father to us and be proud of what you did. I know it was not easy to come to the USA and leave your family behind. You scarified a lot for us and that is LOVE. I called Mom over and told her how much I loved her too. It was a nice moment with them. I know it will be hard to leave on Monday. Dad wanted to rest so I told Mom lets go for a walk. Mom said Ok and we could also go get Dad some medicine and whole wheat bread he likes. Mom and I walked around the neighborhood and got a couple of things. It was good to talk to Mom a bit and have her relax outside the house. We will watch some soccer games tonight. It was nice to watching the games with Dad. Getting a bit sad because I have to leave soon.



Saturday June 20, 2015 – Mom is up and in my room asking if I want breakfast. I said not now Mom. Then 5 minutes later in my room again. Do you want breakfast? Mom gets upset if I tell her don’t worry I will make my breakfast. Mom Thank You but I don’t want coffee and she gets upset I won’t drink coffee. Every morning is the same. She asks what do I want for breakfast and I say I will eat 4 eggs. Every morning I have the same issue for breakfast. I worry Mom is forgetting things more and more. Dad would normally sit on the sofa and relax or nap. I know they don’t do much but I am worried now that Dad can’t go out much it will become an issue. Lunchtime is the same issue about what do I want to eat. Today they decided to make spaghetti and tuna for lunch. It was different but it was good. After lunch I went to look at a couple of shops in the neighborhood. Mom and Dad want us to have photos that they had for years of them and us. They are good memories for us to have. It is tough to think one day they will be in heaven. I just hope they are happy when the time comes. This experience has been good, bad, sad, hard, cruel, tough, frustrating and humbling. I guess GOD had his reason why I was chosen to take this journey. Later in the day we watched some soccer. I keep reminding Dad to please don’t give up and remember he can beat this. Also to take his time and rush things so he can gain strength again. Today was Milani 5 year old birthday party and I was able to facetime with Zachary so Mom and Dad can watch some of her birthday party. They sang Happy Birthday with everyone. It was a nice moment. It is going to hard to leave them.

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Sunday June 21, 2015 – (Today is Father’s Day) I realized that it has been over 20 years since I spent a Father’s Day with Dad. So today very early in the morning Dad upset in his room so I rush to his bed. I see he is very tired and he is sitting up in his bed. I said what’s wrong? He spilled the water he was trying to drink and was very frustrated. I told him Dad relax it is only water and I will clean it up. Mom was also getting out of bed to help. I hold Dad and rub his back while Mom is getting the mop. I tell Dad he need to not stress too much and needs to breath slowing to catch his breathe. He breathes from his month and get very tired. I cleaned up the water and I had Dad go back to bed. I am worried about them because I won’t be here. So now it is breakfast time and Mom is back in my room. What do you want to eat? Eggs Mom… After breakfast I started to pack and get my things ready. Dad wanted to take a shower. It is rough for him and it is sad for me to see him. Sometimes it is very exhausted for him to shower and get dress. Today he got tangled with his clothes and the oxygen tube. I had to have him relax and hold him while rubbing his back. Don’t worry Dad it is ok. Don’t worry. Mom started again about lunch at around 11am. Mom wanted to take me out for Father’s Day. I didn’t want to go now so Mom went and got Dad lunch first because he isn’t ready to go out yet. While Dad was eating we went to eat at a little restaurant close by. It was nice to have lunch with Mom. Check out the picture below of our lunch. Look at her piece of chicken can you believe she ate it all. One thing I telling Mom not to worry about others and just worry about her. She wanted to rush to go eat earlier because she thought someone was going to come to the house while we were out. When we got back Dad was in bed and a bit tired. Sometime he gets sad and tears up because of the entire struggle. Now it was time for some soccer because Colombia was playing and later today was Brazil. Colombia played bad and my Dad was upset. Up next is Brazil game. Now time for dinner but everything is closed. Now no dinner for me. Had a nice moment talking to my parents to enjoy life and not give up. GOD has plans or us and we must continue forward. Dad don’t get down and remember GOD needs you so you can tell people your story. Sometimes life is hard but we can’t stay down. Stand up and move forward and you will fine your way. I Thank GOD for giving me this time with my parents.

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Monday June 22, 2015 – Monday morning is a sad day because I have to go home and leave my parents. Don’t know how many times I told them I LOVE THEM.

Note – When You Have Nothing To Do You Write. This story is about 85% of what happened. So much details I can’t remember it all.