The name come from the first initial of each member of the family.

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Welcome to our channel. We are here for two reasons. To entertain you with videos of our lives and I hope you can find them entertaining. The other reason is we love soccer and all my kids play soccer. This is a way for them and other kids can watch their games, While learning from watching them.





My first born and the one that chanced my life forever. He brings me so much joy and I love him so much. He is a sweet boy with a huge heart. He is smart, kind, loving and quiet. When he was younger he loved to smile. Now he is taller than his Dad but he is still just awesome. Love You…









He was a big surprise because he came soon after his brother. He made me be a better father and person. He is a very active kid with a lot of energy. He loved playing with his brother. He is a good boy that love to play. He has so much talent and skills. He reminds me of myself at his age. Love You…









TMBGITW – The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. I always wanted a daughter so after my boys were born she made my life complete. She also came quick after my 2 boys and she decided to take the spot light. She is my Princess and I love her very much. She is smart and talented. Now she is a beautiful girl that is growing to quick. I Love You… 









May of 2001 I met my ex-wife Ana from Brazil. She had an 8 year old daughter named Mariana. A beautiful wonderful girl that only spoke Portuguese. We had some great times together and it was not easy to be a step-father. I made so many mistakes as most new dads will do. Love You Always…